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Learn how to effectively communicate with your dog without the use of fear or intimidation

Ohana Pet provides quality training and group classes using positive reinforcement and bond based techniques (no shock collars, prong, choke collars or other aversive punishment used). Learn how to be your dog's best friend and to clearly communicate to have the best relationship possible.

Our Training Services

We believe that training should be fun! It is about building a relationship between you and your dog.

All private training sessions start with a virtual consultation. We can help you help your dog with management, training, and enrichment through fun and easy live training classes on Zoom.

To find out more about our virtual training options please go to Virtual Classes

Group classes are fun for you and your dog and are entertaining and interactive for the whole family. In our group lessons you will learn how to get your dog to focus on you and maintain his attention as the foundation of all communication and training and go on to teach him useful commands that will make it a breeze to manage your dog while on walks or out for play and other social interactions.

All our group lessons are taught in 5 week long sessions (unless otherwise noted) and each class lasts approximately 50 minutes. Group classes are limited to six dogs per session, so make sure to reserve your best friend a spot today!

Puppy Kindergarten classes are for all puppies up to 5 months of age and focuses on socializing your dog in the right way. In these classes we let the puppies romp around with each other to learn bite inhibition in those weeks that count the most (there is a reason for those sharp little puppy teeth) and teach some basic commands in the process. We also discuss house training and problem behaviors like jumping up, digging, chewing and more. Attending these classes will not only be one of the cutest things you have ever witnessed, it will also be a great bonding experience for you and your new family member. *Please note: Puppies must have 2 sets of shots when attending the first session. Proof of vaccination is required during sign in of the first class.

Family Dog 1 classes are for all dogs 5 months of age and up. While there are a lot of younger dogs in our Family Dog 1 sessions, your dog is never too old to learn a new trick and you will be surprised by how happy you can make your dog when you start “working” with him. In these basic obedience classes we teach the following commands: Sit, Down, Stand, Come, Stay, Heel, Loose lead walking. We also discuss problem behavior like jumping up, digging, chewing and more.

Family Dog 2 classes are for any dog that has attended our Family Dog 1 session and wants to build on it. This is where you and your dog really start to have fun, especially if you would like your dog to learn some more tricks and find out just how much he can actually understand. Your dog will also learn how to understand you with verbal signals or hand signals only and will gain more confidence in the process.

Canine Good Citizen classes are for those dogs that excel at all forms of training and for those dog owners that like to have something to show for their dogs abilities. The CGC program was developed by the American Kennel Club to recognize and reward responsible pet ownership for owners and basic good manners for dogs. In order to receive the CGC certificate your dog must pass a 10-part test. In our CGC course we prepare your dog for this test, which he will then take in the last of the classes. (for more info see American Kennel Club - CGC)

Workshops are a fun way to mix it up for all of us. We regularly offer trick, targeting, exercise, woof proofing, games and other workshops to create opportunities for your dog and you to socialize and further his and your skills. Check back regularly for upcoming workshops on our Class Schedule page or sign up for our newsletter.

Cost: Our 5 week Group Class sessions cost $180 for the general dog public or a discounted $150 if your dog is an adopted shelter dog. Canine Good Citizen Classes cost $150 including test fee.

What to know, what to bring for all classes: In a training class we use food treats as rewards and we suggest you bring either a fanny pack or a dog treat bag filled with your dogs favorite treats. Other types of rewards such as toys are encouraged as well if you want to bring these along. We would like to ask you to have your dog leashed on a collar, front clip harness or head halter. Choke chains and pinch collars will not be allowed during class. *Please note: Dogs must be current on vaccinations. Proof of vaccination is required during sign in of the first class.

Group classes are perfect for learning basic obedience in a social setting. However, if you are experiencing behavior problems with your dogs that include leash reactivity or on-leash aggression this would best be addressed in private lessons.

See the Class Schedule page for dates, times and locations of our next group classes as well as for registration.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

Perfect for the busy professional who may not have the time to work with their dog as much as they would like. Canine Coaching starts with an evaluation meeting in which we discuss your training goals for your dog. We will demonstrate some of the methods we use and recommend management techniques that you can implement at home. This is followed by weekly appointments in which we meet with your dog to train him and have him practice. This is ideal for teenage dogs (6 months to 2 years of age) who desperately need more exercise but have no leash manners, for young puppies who need guidance during their formative weeks, and for dogs with behavioral issues that make it difficult to work with them in public. After each meeting with your dog we leave you a report explaining what we worked on in your absence, and suggesting simple, short exercises you can practice before the next training session.

These sessions cost $75 each. A travel fee may apply depending on your location.

Group classes are a great way to work with most dogs; however, private lessons are far superior for behavior modifications and instructions that occur in your home. For a private lesson we work individually with you, your family and your dog.

Private lessons are excellent for solving issues with house soiling (accidents and marking), destruction (chewing and digging), separation anxiety, food-bowl and other resource guarding and barking issues. They are also great for generally well-behaved dogs who need a little fine-tuning in one or more specific areas, such as pulling on the leash, jumping up on people, coming when called and more. If you have a multiple dog household with management challenges or a young pup that is too young to leave the home a private lesson might also be the right thing for you.

Want to share the cost of a private lesson? Be the hostess with the mostest! Invite a friend and their dog to join you for training. The more friends, the more affordable and fun training can be.

In a Semi-Private Lessons we can address many of the issues that we address in private lessons, just with the added distractions of other dogs and people around.

Please note: private lessons may need to be booked two weeks in advance, depending on the season and our schedule. Please call or email us for availability.

COST: Private lessons with Head Trainer Lisa cost $150 and are done virtually. After hours appointments are available for an additional charge. In-person private lessons with Assistant Trainers are available and cost $125 per lesson. Please note: additional fees for multiple dogs may apply.

There is a 50% cancellation fee for private lessons if canceled less than 24 hours before or for missed appointments.

Behavior Consultations usually last 1.5 hours in which we will first talk through the existing issues and his health and behavior history with you and then evaluate your dog. We discuss your concerns and develop a treatment plan for you and your dog that will help you to achieve realistically set goals.

The cost of a 1.5 hour behavior consultation is $150

Please note: behavioral issues may require more than one visit.

A tired dog is a well-behaved dog. We offer dog walking that combines mental and physical exercise. This service is great for busy owners or those who are recovering from an injury or illness. Your dog should not suffer because he or she cannot walk with you. Have us teach your dog some basic obedience to keep his brain stimulated while also walking him to get the physical exercise he needs. Walk & Train services can also work well for dogs that need to learn some on-leash etiquette.

Walk & Train services cost $25 per half hour and depending on your location there might be an additional travel fee.