We know it can be challenging to find the right resources out there

To point you into the right direction when it comes to education, nutrition, equipment and some great dog related businesses out there we have assembled a list of our favorite resources for you. Dive in!


Positive Resources for you and your dog:

Websites with great training tips:

• Dog Star Daily great general tips on dog training, how to raise a puppy, manners and obedience and much more

• Ian Dunbar offers online courses for dog owners

• Patricia McConnel posts about behavior issues and training on her website (we love her book "The other end of the leash" too!)

• Denise Fenzi offers self study classes on her website

• Ban Shock Collars useful information about the use of shock collars

• Cooperative Paws service dog resource page

• Subthreshold Training resources for dogs with separation anxiety

• Seattle TTouch positive solutions for behavior, performance, & health

• Harnessing your dogs walk great article on how to Choose and Fit Leash-Walking Equipment

• Dr. Sophia Yin blog and online courses with a scientific background

For information about specific behavior problems please feel free to contact us.

Websites with great nutrition tips:

• Whole Dog Journal for nutritional and many more wholesome tips

• Dog Food Advisor rates all dog foods on the market

• Dog Aware guidelines for home made diets

Dog behavior issues can be food related, so make sure your dog gets all the nutrition he/she needs.

Equipment we endorse:

• Freedom No Pull Harness the harness we personally use on our dogs

• Balance Harness another good harness that works for dogs of all shapes and sizes

We do not support the use of shock collars or any other form of punishment. There always is a better, much more positive approach to dog issues.

Positive dog businesses we love:

• Pro Dog Hawaii positive dog training on Oahu

• Country Canine Hawaii Kyoko Johnson on Oahu - specializing in Nose Work, Training & Behavior

• Animal Biz Hawaii positive dog training on the Big Island

• Animal Assisted Drug Rehab learn more about animal assisted therapy

We appreciate all positive reinforcement dog trainers out there for helping one dog at a time.

Ohana Pet - Positive resources for you and your dog

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