Learn how to effectively communicate with your dog from your own home

All private training sessions start with a virtual/video training which are fun and easy. We can help you help your dog with management, training, and enrichment. As a prerequisite to in-person training with one of our trainers, you will need to have completed a virtual consult to discuss your training goals and to get started on a plan to help your dog succeed.

Virtual Training Options

For you and your dog
There are plenty of advantages to training classes
You can go at your own pace so that you and your dog can work at the speed that is best for you.
Working at home is less distracting and you can perfect your dog’s training skills without the distractions.
You can re-watch the videos if you have questions and contact me if there is something you need extra help with.
Online classes are great way to keep up with your dog skills.
And when it’s OK and safe to be out in the world again you can fine-tune and perfect what your dog already knows.

Even though we are social distancing, we can still help you have a better relationship with your dog. Training from the comfort of your home has many benefits and will help you prepare your dog for the outside world when it is safe again.

Training goals and experience
There are many benefits to training at home. If your dog has any hangups about stranger danger, that’s not an issue.

Flexible schedule. Time saver: no need to travel to class. Casual dress code, lounge clothes! You get to view everything we did during our session/class later. We are here for you during and after the session/class.

Just as successful as in-person sessions Puppies won’t miss their critical socialization periods. Keep your puppy or dog from practicing unwanted behaviors. Ensures your dog wont regress. A well mannered family member.

The same expertise and coaching as our in person training
You will receive guided step by step training. You will have the ability to watch us demo with our own dogs. You will be able to go at your own pace. We were never training your dog, we were always coaching you! You've got this and we've got you!

Fees and Packages

Initial consult without packages
Questionnaire review, then we will meet and start addressing your most pressing issues and set goals
Session recording via Zoom
$100/hour or $150/90 minutes ($75/hour or $125/90 minutes during quarantine)

Training Package #1 Gold
Two live 30 min coaching sessions per week for 4 weeks
Training tasks list and feedback
Session recordings
Video submission review
Homework & behavior handouts

Training Package #2 Silver
1 Live 30 min coaching sessions per week for 4 weeks
Homework & behavior handouts
Session recordings (optional)

Single Training Session
Homework & behavior handouts
Single training sessions are $75 for a 30 minute session.
Session recordings (optional)

Behavioral Modification
For dogs that need help overcoming issues such as fear, aggression and separation anxiety.
Initial consult/goal setting $150
Build your own schedule
30 minute coaching sessions (recommend 1 to 2x per week @$75 per session )
Videos reviews
Email support weekly

To schedule lessons or set up packages with the your trainer choice, contact them at:
Lisa - ohanapet@gmail.com or Lisa@ohanapet.com
Kristin - Kristin@ohanapet.com
Kelley - Kelley@ohanapet.com

Payment and cancellation on policies
We will do everything possible to help and support you during these pandemic times. In order for us to help you we must ask you to pre-pay each sessions or package. Cancellation must be 24 hours in advance of scheduled session to reschedule, and there are no refunds for missed sessions. We will take in consideration payment plans.

Here at Ohana Pet Training we are fluent in canine.

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